What’s the best thing about studying to become a pilot at OSMAA?

In this blog post, we have spoken to two of our students at the OSM Aviation Academy in Arendal. If you are curious about what it is like to study in Arendal and want to find out what the best thing about studying to become a pilot at OSM Aviation Academy is – continue reading here

Student Pilot Emily Schøyen and Sondre Larsen

Say hello to our two students, Emily Schøyen and Sondre Larsen, from our flight school in Arendal, Norway. Emily started the First Officer Program in September 2020 (FOP 20-2) and is currently in the cross-country phase. Sondre also attends the First Officer Program and started in March 2021 (FOP 21-1). Sondre is currently in phase 1 with just a couple of flights left before his first solo after attending the program for only 3 months. Sondre adds: “This is the type of things you tell your non-pilot friends, and they don’t even believe you.”


Emily Schøyen (FOP 20-2) and Sondre Larsen (FOP 21-1)

Why did you choose to do your flight training at OSM Aviation Academy?

When OSM Aviation Academy started up in Arendal, there was no doubt that I should try to submit an application. The joy was great when I learned that I had entered the autumn class of 2020 and that the journey towards becoming a pilot could finally begin!

I had heard a lot of positive things about the school, so I was really looking forward to getting started. One of the reasons for this is because the school plans to carry out the flight and the theory at the same time. This provides a unique opportunity to go from absolutely no experience to having completed your first solo in just a few months. The learning curve at this time is therefore extreme!

In addition, the school is very good at following up with the students in order to best facilitate each individual. This allows everyone to get through what they need, even if you may be a little behind. My time so far at OSM Aviation Academy has been absolutely great, and I look forward to the continuation.

Emily Schøyen, FOP NOR 20-2


Emily Schøyen flying the Cessna 172 over Arendal city

The classmates, the instructors, the general unity in thick and thin, new learning goals and challenges daily, and not least the fact that I get the honor of waking up every day and seeing the world from 10,000 feet above the ground. It’s unbeatable!

Personally, I have walked around and said that I would be a pilot since primary school, and when the time came to apply, it was probably between OSM Aviation Academy or some school abroad. And when I was told that I was accepted to the program, it was like winning the lottery. This is one of the world’s best pilot schools for a reason, and that is exactly what we get to experience every day in the form of flying, theory set-up, and very personal follow-up in general. Everyone at the school is there with the same goal and ambition, which in turn creates an impeccable unity, both theoretically and after school.

Sondre Larsen, FOP NOR 21-1

How is it to study in Arendal?

Arendal is quite stunning really. The school looks amazing, the airport we have here is literally perfect for training. And the scenery is beautiful, even at ground level! Old houses, docks, and a beautiful coastline. Imagine what it looks like from 6000ft above! My favorite thing about this place is probably the late-night walks along the coast, it’s just unbelievably beautiful.

Sondre Larsen, FOP NOR 21-1


Aerial photo of Arendal city from the Cessna 172

Share your best advice for someone who is considering a pilot career

It might seem like a big gamble when all you read about is how hard it is for pilots to get a job, or how many have lost their jobs due to Corona, etc. But the reality, which usually isn’t mentioned, is that you have countless job opportunities as a pilot. Either it’s working for an airline, cargo, instructing, or para jumping, just to mention a few.

And the entire experience of waking up daily and soaring on top of the clouds for two years almost makes you forget that you’re in an academy to get a degree. If you have the slightest interest in becoming a pilot, apply to OSM Aviation Academy, and if you’re then lucky enough to get accepted, you’ll have the time of your life, for the rest of your life.

Sondre Larsen, FOP NOR 21-1



Some last notes for Norwegian citizens…

Did you know that as a Norwegian citizen, you can get student fundings and loans through Lånekassen while studying the integrated First Officer Program? This is due to the academy being approved as a higher vocational training provider by NOKUT. 

Read more about the student loans and fundings from Lånekassen here.