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OSM Aviation Academy

If you have any questions regarding the education, financing, career opportunities or anything else, please contact us. We are happy to assist you!

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Meet our team.

Hans Kyrre Hultgren

Managing Director


E-mail: hans.hultgren@flyosm.com

Martin Floor

Director Flight Operations and Chief Flight Instructor


E-mail: martin.floor@flyosm.com

Patrik Bruzelius

Chief Flight Instructor - Multi Pilot Operations


E-mail: patrik.bruzelius@flyosm.com

Larisa Kristiansen

Sales Representative

Phone: +47 417 70 007

E-mail: larisa.kristiansen@flyosm.com

Vibeke Rose Johansen

Sales and Marketing

Phone: +47 941 68 913

E-mail: vibeke.johansen@flyosm.com

Navn Navnesen


Tlf 123 45 678 E-post