Price and Financing.

OSM Aviation Academy offers attractive student financing solutions in Norway and Sweden due to our government approvals. We are constantly working on expanding these offers to enable more individuals to pursue their dream of becoming a professional pilot.

We believe that pilot training should be available to those who have the right ATTITUDE, SKILLS and AMBITION to succeed.


The Airline Ready Pilot Program costs 1 075 000 NOK and the payments are divided into four installments at the start of each semester. An application fee of 25 000 NOK will be invoiced together with your contract which must be paid in order to secure your spot.






As a foreign student, we recommend you to contact your domestic student loan provider for an individual assessment to see if you are eligible for student funding.

Alternatively, you will have to solve the financial matters through a private loan, savings, or you might be fortunate to get help from your family and friends.

Financing with Lånekassen in Norway

The Norwegian government do supply a student loan through Lånekassen. Mainly for Norwegian citizens, but there are exemptions. Contact Lånekassen for more information.

Financing with CSN in Sweden 

Students enrolled in one of our integrated flight training programs in Sweden are eligible to apply for student funding from the National Board of Student Aid (CSN). Please note that special requirements apply to non-Swedish students and that you may be more likely to receive student loans from your country of citizenship.

Follow the link to CSN’s website if you wish to read more about being approved by CSN.