Over 80% of the pilots that graduated from OSM are in a relevant job within one year. According to Boeing, the demand for pilots will be surging. In Europe alone, it is estimated that there will be a need for 115 000 new pilots in the coming years.



(Supervised 2nd officer program)

We are collaborating with Norse Atlantic Airways through a cadet program that will prepare our students for a future career in a long-haul aircraft. Norse operates low-cost flights between Europe and North America using 15 modern and more environmental friendly Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircrafts.

The need for pilots will increase immensely in the coming years, and the airlines will hire by the thousands. The need for travel has awakened after a long slumber, so now is the chance to give your dream a chance. Boeing estimates that there will be a demand for 115 000 new pilots towards 2040.

Together, we will keep a steady course towards your pilot dream.

Thanks to our cadet program and close collaboration with airlines such a Norse Atlantic Airways and Norwegian, your chances of flying straight into your dream job are high and you will be equipped for a long and secure career as a pilot.

“At OSM Aviation Academy, we see our students as future colleagues and strive to ensure our students have the best career options after graduation. Having multiple Airline clients in our portfolio is a testimonial to our team and the organization in respect to the quality of the product and services we provide and will also further motivate our students and instructors to study and work diligently to pursue these opportunities and make a future for themselves”, says Hans Kyrre Hultgren, Managing Director at OSM Aviation Academy.


We are excited to announce that Norwegian and OSM Aviation Academy have signed an exclusive agreement to further strengthen their longstanding partnership.

The Academy will train the next generation of Cadet First Officers for Norwegian on the ‘Airline Ready’ Pilot Program.

After successful graduation, selected candidates will get the opportunity to join Norwegian flying the B737 NG & MAX as First Officer.

Norwegian is a large and expanding low-cost carrier operating airplanes with an order for 50+30 Boeing B737 Max – Norwegian offers a high-frequency domestic flight schedule within Scandinavia and Finland, and to business destinations such as London, as well as to holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands, transporting over 30 million people in 2016.

“We are thrilled to further strengthen our relations through this collaboration with Norwegian, one of the most agile and resilient low-cost airlines in Europe,” says Hans Kyrre Hultgren, Managing Director at OSM Aviation Academy.


Could you see yourself becoming a flight instructor? We are always looking for skillful flight instructors who can contribute to developing our school even further. As a flight instructor at OSM, you will be part of a young and progressive environment where the goal is to educate the best pilots.

Working as a flight instructor will make you a more experienced pilot. You will be a leader and a mentor for your students, and you will increase your flight hours.

Is this something for you?


For all students graduating from one of our integrated programs, we offer a Career Support Program. This concept includes recurrent events where former students have the possibility to return to OSM Aviation Academy and refresh their knowledge. You can participate in a simulated job interview, receive support from our instructors and fly our Boeing 737NG Simulator.

We are tremendously proud of our students, we have from a front-row seat followed their personal development and how they have taken on all the challenges that come with a pilot education. We live by the motto that our students are future colleges, a mantra that is deep within our organization and it reflects in the competence and skills possessed by our graduated students.

The Career Support concept shows that we have complete confidence in our students. We know that they received the best pilot education available and have a high level of professionalism. Career Support was launched to make sure that all former students receive support for as long as it takes them to land their first pilot job.

Flight Training

Whether you’re aiming for an ATPL, pursuing a specific type rating, or looking to renew your qualifications, our industry-leading programs have got you covered.


Read more about this on our blog here


Read more about this on our blog here